Virtual Sales Management


 Does your dealership need the skills of a great sales manager but you are not quite big enough to justify a full time person in the role?Let us be your virtual Sales Manager.
Services Provided:

  • Run the sales meeting each week.
  • Conduct "One-On-Ones" with each sales person each week to make sure they are focused on the most important tasks for the week.
  • Identify skills that need work
  • Conduct on-the-job training and coaching.

These services can be provided in person (depending on your location) or remotely via "Zoom" meetings. 

Sales Systems


 Do you have visibility of your sales teams pipeline?

Do you know if your sales people have enough in their pipeline to meet target?

Is your CRM suited to your business model and integrated with your other systems?

Does your CRM give your sales team what they need to do their job?

Can your team produce professional proposals on the fly without wasting time in the office?

If the answer to any of these questions is No. Then we can help.

Process Mapping


Do you feel like you are constantly fire fighting?

Are things falling through the cracks?

Are you constantly revisiting the same issues?

If this sound familiar then you could have process issues.

The service we provide will achieve the following: 

  1. Map your existing process
  2. Identify shortfalls
  3. Engage your team to resolve the shortfalls and improve the process
  4. Provide process documentation including process maps and procedures.

Taken to it's final conclusion you will have a real time operations manual for your organisation.

Sales Training


 Good industry specific sales training and coaching is hard to find in the Office Print industry.
We provide the following courses:

  • Time Management for Better Results
  • Territory Planning Workshop
  • Pipeline Management.
  • Sales Process:  Including, Prospecting Needs Analysis and Closing.

These courses can be delivered face to face at your office with your sales team or in some cases via a "Zoom" webinar. 

Coaching and Mentoring


As a dealer principal the buck stops with you and you are expected to make the final decision.

Do you ever feel like it would be good to talk things through with a trusted adviser who understands your industry.

Some areas we can help are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Execution
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Recruiting
  • A second opinion on anything
  • Industry bench marking